Latest News!

Lots to do lately so the updates on the website have been postponed. Dittdesign got a new office and new apprentice in August: D If you are in the [...]

Ongoing Projects

Dittdesign has many exciting assignments for customers and individual projects. There can not be said so much about the projects, but we see that more customers want to develop [...]

Troll Olav app

Troll Olav was released many years ago, but needed a remake. Dittdesign got the assignment :) The whole app was rebuilt and great animations and exciting effects were added. [...]

Ad design

Dittdesign designed ads for the online store The ads were used on Facebook and Instagram. Dittdesign was responsible for product photography, design and image editing.     [...]

Logo design

Dittdesign designed a simple font logo on black background for the web shop Simple and stylish.    

Webshop developed

Dittdesign can also develop web pages for customers. The online store was developed using Wordpress and WooCommerce. We use Wordpress when we develop web pages. This means that [...]

Redesigned website

Dittdesign has redesigned its website using Wordpress. We use Wordpress when we develop web pages. This means that we save time and customers save money.     [...]

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